Aknicare® Chest And Back (100ML)

Disclaimer: Results may vary from user to user*

The 100% guaranteed acne treatment solution for chest, Back, and body acne. Medically licensed and Clinically proven to successfully get rid of Medical and Cosmetic acne.

Clinical trials have been highly successful in hospital referred patients who did not respond to GP prescribed and chemist products.

  • Clinically proven over 80% success rates
  • 100’s of success stories from real users
  • Recommended by a top dermatologist and President of the UK Acne Charity, Professor Tony Chu from Imperial College Hospitals London, who is a world expert in the treatment of all aspects of acne.

Don’t waste time, don’t mess about, the results are guaranteed.

  • Less and less new spots every day
  • Old spots disappear within days
  • Inflamed spots calmed quickly
  • Acne causing bacteria destroyed much faster than Antibiotics
  • Clear blemish-free, fresh bright skin
  • Oil production reduced by over 50% on average and up to 68% in clinical studies

Body acne is a big problem for many people, we have come up with the best solution, designed specifically to treat body Acne. This easy to use a pump which works upside down or right way up and the spray does not need rubbing in and will absorb over a few seconds and has been created to treat acne, spots and oily skin on your chest and back.

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PRODUCT INFO Will Aknicare® work?

It works in over 80% of those who use it, and works for them long term. It gets rid of existing spots, blackheads and oil and it stops new spots from appearing, best of all its proven.

Can the Aknicare® be used as your main acne treatment?

Yes. The key ingredients change the skin to directly target the 4 stages of acne: seborrhoea (oil), hyperkeratinisation (skin thickening and hardening leading to blackheads and whiteheads), bacterial infection and inflammation of spots.

Can the Aknicare® be used with other acne treatments?

Yes, with both antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and retinoic acid derivative such as Adapalene. No incompatibilities have been reported. Aknicare® should be applied first before other creams.

How long does it take for Aknicare® to work?

Aknicare® can start to reduce inflammation and spots in hours. However to get long term spot free skin the sets are designed to last for two months to try and change the skin environment so new spots don’t develop. As acne is a hormonally driven problem, then until the hormonal balance is restored then even when you have clear skin you may need to use a maintenance set of Aknicare® containing Gentle cleansing gel or Cleanser, Cream and skin roller.

Can I get Aknicare® from the doctors?

Aknicare® Lotion, Cream and Skin Roller are available on GP prescription, but you need to persuade the doctor as they prescribe based on restrictive formularies. We are trying to get Aknicare® added to these prescribing lists, but if the doctor types Aknicare® into his prescribing computer the products will appear. We can produce a short information letter for you to show the doctor or they can email us at clinical@skinmed.co.uk.

Are there any side effects with Aknicare®?

Some initial drying of the skin can happen as Aknicare® slows down oil production by up to 68% and this happens quicker often than the skin can restore its lipid content (which is lost due to hormonal sensitivity), so it is important to use Aknicare® Cream and sometimes maybe add a moisturiser such as Hydratime. Some of the Aknicare® products contain a small amount of salicylic acid and therefore those allergic to aspirin should not use them.

Can I use Aknicare® while pregnant and breastfeeding?

We have no data to support usage or not, and so it is not recommended. Salicylic containing products are not recommended in pregnancy.

Who is Aknicare® designed for?

Aknicare® is designed for all. It works better than the cheap products and is actually very cost effective. It works for teenage acne, occasional spots, adult or late onset acne. As we are not a massive company many people find us after they have failed on other treatments.

How long will the products last?

In average we get repeat purchases every 10 weeks

I don’t have acne, just oily skin. Can you help?

Yes, Aknicare® slows oil production by on average 53% and up to 68% in clinical studies. Also those with oily skin might consider ceramide boosting to help with this. See Oily Skin in the skin conditions menu

I don’t have acne just spots and/or pimples, will Aknicare® work?

One person’s acne is another person’s spots and pimples. The cause is the same and so Aknicare® works on these as well. If you only have a few spots then Aknicare® cleansing gel and an Aknicare® skin roller maybe enough to sort them out.

Has it been tested on animals and does it contain Parabens?

None of the products have been tested by us or the manufacturer on animals. This is important to us and the research company behind the products. No parabens of any sort are used as a preservative in Aknicare® or any of the company’s products

Aknicare® Chest and Back


I started using AkniCare products in March 2013 after trying every other product that was on the market & had spent lots of money. Nothing seemed to be working.

I use the Treatment Lotion directly on the acne areas, followed with the Aknicare cream. My skin has made major improvement. My face was, what they call 'Angry' I had dark marks all over from squeezing them, It was very embarrassing for me as I'm a woman in my 30's I thought that my acne outbreak days were over. To also help with the way my skin looks I have cut out certain foods within my diet this defiantly helps.

This summer I purchased the Aknicare Cleansing Gel, to wash my face & I must say, it makes my skin feel very clean.

Regards, Ms C Ayre*

Akincare products are great! Suitable for my acne prone skin. The cleanser and cream are my favourite. Effective yet gentle enough for daily use. My skin are better maintained now, and not dried out unlike other acne treatments.

Yvette, Glasgow*

Aknicare Cream and Lotion: I wish I had known about these years ago. I could have saved myself lot's of stress and money. Aknicare are acne-products that really work as long as they are used regularly for a period of at least 2 months. As always in skin regimes patience is required. I cannot live without these two anymore.


The Aknicare products are fantastic. I have suffered from troublesome skin for the past 25 years and my skin has been noticeably clearer since using these products. I use the lotion and the cream. These are both easy to apply and wearable under make-up. I can’t claim that everyone would benefit in the same way but, for me personally, these products have helped to clear my acne.

Kind regards, Karen*

I have used this product many times and compared against more expensive treatments and nothing compares to the Aknicare products. I have always struggled with break outs but when using aknicare this is reduced massively and I am starting to see my skin repairing itself. Many thanks for helping me Skinmed.

Regards, Ryan Carter*

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The Acne Treatment Solution Set should be used twice a day every day for at least 8 weeks. If you are not happy with the products after 8 weeks then to receive a full refund you must send the used products back to SkinMed at your own cost and enclose your request in writing. Once received an adviser will contact you to confirm receipt of the products and refund.

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Click here to read key quotes from our clinical study proving the effectiveness of Aknicare in hospital presenting acne.

Also, see the recent clinical studies comparing Aknicare to a popular pharmaceutical treatment by clicking here These studies have just been completed. The key measurements were which product reduced closed comedones, open comedones (both types of blackheads), inflamed lesions (inflamed spots), and pustules (raised infected spots). The results showed that Aknicare worked significantly better on pustules, inflamed lesions, and closed comedones.

If you want to read Professor Tony Chu’s Study in its entirety then click here.

Professor Chu is the best-known consultant dermatologist in the UK and recognized around the world. He lectures Imperial College London, practices at Hammersmith Hospital and is the President of the UK Acne and Rosacea Charity and also specializes in acne scarring.

Get the best product on the market and completely different from anything you’ve bought from a chemist or had prescribed by your Dr.