Ceramide boosting boosts the effect of polyglutamic acid (ingredient in Rosacure®), by increasing lipids and strengthening the top layer of the skin, increasing the skins resistance even further to internal and external triggers. It also increases the skins ability to hold moisture, creating a calmer skin environment to deliver even better control of your rosacea.

So, what's the difference?

Hydratime® Plus Day Cream

Hydratime® can be used both day and night and is characterised by its light, easily-absorbed texture. It rapidly delivers all the key ceramides but does not have the richness of Nutritime®, it still effectively boosts the effectiveness of Rosacure® key ingredient; polyglutamic acid, boosting tollerance to rosacea triggers and also calms the skins environment for overall clear and healthy skin.

Nutritime® Plus Night Cream

This skin solution is a rich, nourishing night cream, but can be used on a morning. It has all the benefits of the Hydratime®, plus it contains added calming and hydrating agents. It’s luxurious texture disappears into the skin over a number of minutes. You can feel the hydration and touch the silkiness of your skin.

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