Rosacure® Fast (30ML)

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ROSACURE® Fast, for treating Rosacea, is a fast-acting combination of MSM to inhibit the release of inflammatory skin chemicals, now combined with the unique patented ingredient 4-t-butylcyclohexanol which short circuits nerve triggered reddening events including reducing the impact of nerve stimuli triggered by diet and hormonal issues. Polyglutamic acid improves the skin tolerance levels by reducing sensory triggering and improving lipid and epidermal structures which normalize skin response to triggers and raises the skin tolerance thresholds.

This combination of ingredients shows significant redness improvements in 10 to 42 days in 75% of cases in clinical dermatology-controlled hospital trials.

Rosacure® Fast comes in a cream-gel to improve application and absorption. It also reduces the skin's reactivity to sensitizing triggers and is extremely well-tolerated. Improvement continues with repeated use.

For best results use Rosacure® Fast with Rosacure® Gentle Cleansing Gel, used to prepare the skin for the Fast, and finish with Rosacure® Intensive which has other important ingredients and an SPF. The products can be purchased together as the Rosacure® Treatment Three Product Set

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PRODUCT INFO Can the Rosacure® be used as your main rosacea treatment?

Yes. The key ingredients change the skin to directly target the key stages of rosacea: redness, inflammation, pustules, skin thickening.

Can the Rosacure® be used with other rosacea treatments?

Yes, with antibiotics and all known other topical treatments. No incompatibilities have been reported. Rosacure® should be applied first before any other creams

What is the real innovation of the rosacea therapy with the Rosacure® products?

The new ingredients cut off the nerve stimulated redness caused by dietary triggers or hormonal triggers.

How long does it take for Rosacure® to work?

Rosacure® can start to reduce inflammation and redness within days and results have been seen within 10 days. Some feel relief within hours with symptoms calming quickly due to the calming and soothing action. Continued use can lead to long term relief of symptoms and skin becomes less reactive to triggers. Some people have found relief within 6 to 8 weeks so perseverance in recommended

Are there any side effects with Rosacure®?

Some initial drying of the skin can happen as, so it is important to use Rosacure® Cream with Rosacure® FAST Cream gel and sometimes maybe even add a moisturiser such as Hydratime®.

Can I use Rosacure® while pregnant and breastfeeding?

We have no data to support usage or not, and so it is not recommended. Clinicians at their own judgement can recommend.

From what age can I use Rosacure®?

We have studies where usage has been from 12 years old. We have no data on any younger ages

Who is Rosacure® designed for? (E.g. flushers, blushers, rosacea, thread veins)

Rosacure® is designed for all. It works better than cheap products and gels and is actually very cost effective. It works for rosacea, pre rosacea, those prone to reddening and can be used to prevent the onset of rosacea. Younger family members with elder relatives with rosacea would be advised to use Rosacure® Intensive cream every day from a young age to prevent the onset of rosacea which runs in families.

How long will the products last?

In average we get repeat purchases every 10 weeks.

I don’t have rosacea, just flushing. Will Rosacure® work for me?

Rosacure® can restrict flushing. Although the flush is transitory the same processes are being triggered albeit by different stimuli. Rosacure® can help in these cases as well. One needs to build up levels in the skin over days and weeks to see the benefit.

Some customers may feel that Rosacure® is expensive, what do you say about that?

It cost for a three product set less than a can of coke or half a pint a day (less than a £1). Something that does not work is far more expensive.

Will Rosacure® work?

It works in over 80% of those who use it, and works for the long term. It controls symptoms in over 50% completely and another 30% see a reduction in symptoms by over 50%.

Has it been tested on animals or contain Parabens?

No, None of the products have been tested by us or the manufacturer on animals. This is important to us and the research company behind the products and no parabens are used.

Rosacure® Fast


Hi, I have been using Rosacure for a couple of years now and couldn't live without it. It has changed my troubled skin. Not only has the reddening stopped but also some of the thread veins appear smaller and less visible than before. I have been using the Rosacure fast gel in the evening and the intensive in the morning. It has made such a difference that no other cream on the market has. I thoroughly recommend this product if you suffer from skin that tends to redden in harsh weather conditions or you have Rosacea. It really has worked.

A Happy Customer*

I use the Rosacure products for my rosacea. They have been and are most efficient. I am most pleased with the results and will continue to use your products.

Kind Regards, Dursley Stott*

Having used the products for the last year. I have seen a marked improvement of my complexion. Very pleased with the results.

With Thanks, L Homden*

I have been using Rosacure for Rosacea for well over 10 years now and am absolutely delighted with the products. The difference they have made to my skin and my self-confidence has been enormous. I am so pleased that I saw the advert for the products all those years ago. I appreciate that it's a corny thing to say but Rosacure has changed my life.

Kind Regards, Anne*

I have now been using the Rosacure products for at least twelve months. I am very pleased indeed with the results. It has succeeded in calming my rosacea which all the other well known products have not done. I am using all 3 creams. I am very pleased indeed with the service which I receive. My order is always accepted and dealt with efficiently and delivered promptly.


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The Rosacea Treatment Set should be used twice a day every day for at least 12 weeks. If you are not happy with the products after 12 weeks then to receive a full refund you must send the used products back to SkinMed at your own cost and enclose your request in writing. Once received an advisor will contact you to confirm receipt of the products and refund

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Rosacure, the new Rosacea treatment solution, has had two stages in its research and development. The original formula from 2008 and this was successful and incorporated two ingredients that synergistically combined to suppress skin and plasma chemicals released by inflammatory triggers.

The latest research has now added two new ingredients that improve the sensory control of the skin to external triggers and protect it from damage and help it recover and raise user's skin tolerance to triggers so they are not as easily triggered. The remarkable other ingredient which is patented and combines synergistically with all the other three is a world first. 4-T-BUTYLCYCLOHEXANOL is a unique ingredient able to short circuit reddening triggered by internal triggers such as hormonal flushes, foods and wines and body temperature.

There is excellent data on this and research the science and clinical studies. However a simple explanation follows; If you ate hot peppers, these could trigger a nerve impulse which travels from the stomach to the face and the nerve signal excites millions of tiny receptors which release little protein fragments called peptides which cause a burning, stinging and reddening of the skin. This is in some way your stomach telling your face to stop eating those peppers. Anyway these receptors are hyper reactive in rosacea sufferers and those prone to rosacea. This remarkable new ingredient inhibits the effect of these peptides thereby short circuiting the stinging, burning and reddening. This works with the MSM and Polyglutamic acid in harmony to make a unique and novel treatment for a successful rosacea treatment.

There is nothing like it on the market. Ensure you use enough to get the levels up in the skin and look for improvements from 10 days onwards although in some in can take longer.