Disclaimer: Results may vary from user to user.

"I want to say how much better my skin has been since I started using Rosacure. I use the Rosacure Duo set which is for night repair and the excellent day cream which includes factor 30 protection. My skin is much clearer now and I feel that the soreness is under control. I recommend this product."

Lynette Horsfield

"I have been using Rosacure Fast for 2 months now and have definitely seen a difference. I have pale skin that flushes very easily but with Rosacure I no longer develop the distinct red patches on my cheeks and chin that used to be accompanied by an uncomfortable burning sensation that has got progressively worse with age.  My face would stay like this for hours but since using Rosacure I don't experience flushing or it is what I would term 'normal' and it disappears fast.  Previously I have been prescribed betablockers which had little effect and I had resigned myself to living with facial flushing until I started reading up on rosacea and discovered the Skinmed website.  I wish I had found the product a long time ago and I have already recommended it to a friend."


"I have been suffering with rosacea for 20 years using all different types of products but I couldn't find a sunscreen which is very important for us rosaceans that didn't leave a white cast on my face which made people stare and comment on how peaky and unwell I looked prompting a fear of socialising and even going to work but that has all changed thanks to SkinMed,I have been using Rosacure gentle cleansing gel followed by Fast an emulsion gel and last but not least Rosacure Intensive sunscreen spf30 for a month now and already I feel and see the difference, my skin looks and feels softer and the intensive sunscreen does not leave a white cast, I now have the confidence to socialise without the fear of people staring at me thanks to Rosacure, I will be purchasing their products again and the staff at SkinMed are very helpful, always there if I have any questions, Thank you again SkinMed for changing my life."

Kevin from Bridlington.

"I use them for my rosacea. They have been and are most efficient.I am most pleased with the results and will continue to use your products."

Dursley Stott

"Just to let you know that I have been using the Rosacure fast and the Rosacure intensive for quite some time now and it has made such a difference to my sensitive skin. I used to have very visible thread veins which have faded quite dramatically and the cold/hot temperature fluctuating on my skin has all but gone. I wouldn't be without it now. Thank you Skinmed."


"I have always suffered from red and blushing skin as well as thread veins on my cheeks. I used to have IPL or laser more than once a year but since using Rosacure I have not seen any need to have my normal IPL top up. I am therefore very happy with this product as it seems to be really effective, which I did not expect it to be."

A Happy Customer

"The rosacea range really helped me during pregnancy as my skin became very red, I am still using it now after the birth of my daughter as the range really suits my skin and I love the SPF30 protection"

Marnie Husband

"I've just placed a third order for the Rosacure range of Cleansing Gel, Fast Cream Gel and Intensive Moisturising Cream. I haven't run out of my existing supply yet, but I don't want to find myself without any of these products.#

I was diagnosed with rosacea about 18 months ago and a course of treatment from the doctor had no impact - in fact, the effects of rosacea were considerably worse! It was some time later, through a chance conversation, that Synchrorose (the former name for Rosacure) came to my attention. I Googled the name and came up with SkinMed and its range of products. I have sensitive skin, so am usually reticent about trying anything new, but I felt I had nothing to lose as I needed to try something to alleviate the irritation, dry skin and reddening. The order I placed arrived promptly. From the outset I found that all three products had a soothing effect on my skin. My regime is to cleanse with the gel then apply the Intensive Moisturising Cream in the morning and the Fast Cream Gel at night. The improvements to the appearance of my skin came gradually over the next few months. The dry, flaky skin and developing thread veins disappeared, and the 'blushing' effect was minimized. I find that I can quite happily wear the Intensive Moisturising Cream in the daytime now without having to add make-up foundation, and for 'going out' I only need to apply a light foundation.

I've been praising Rosacure in general, but I have to say that the Intensive Cream came into its own during a recent cycling holiday, when I couldn't escape the sun. An application of Intensive with its SPF 30 meant that I had my usual normal smooth skin tone but with the added bonus of a sunscreen.

Last but not least, I must say that I've found communication with SkinMed's Customer Care refreshingly prompt, courteous and helpful."

P from Worcestershire

"I have suffered from acne rosacea for more years than I care to remember, at least 25, and consequently used every product on the market. I started using Rosacure about 2 years ago and have been very happy with the products. The gentle cleansing gel cleans my skin without it feeling tight or sore. I really like using the intensive face cream which is gentle and appears to make my face less red especially around the nose. I finish off with the fast cream which is so smooth. I still have to take antibiotics occasionally for my acne but this is getting less frequent and I know the products I am using are helping my condition."


"I first used these products after winning a range of them tailored to my skin. At first I wasn't really impressed but I persevered and thank good ness I did! After a few weeks people started to notice and comment on the improvement ion my face. The thin vein lines had greatly reduced and the red blotchy patches were fade ding. An few further weeks down the line and I can quite honestly say that I'm thrilled with the difference. I know longer have to plaster on foundation and concealer to hide the veins and patches and the skin on my face hasn't looked this good for years so I'm really glad that I entered into the competition and will carry on using these products."


"I have been suffering with rosacea for 20 years using all different types of products but I couldn't find a sunscreen which is very important for us rosaceans that didn't leave a white cast on my face which made people stare and comment on how peaky and unwell I looked prompting a fear of socialising and even going to work but that has all changed thanks to SKINMED,I have been using Rosacure gentle cleansing gel followed by Fast an emulsion gel and last but not least Rosacure Intensive sunscreen spf30 for a month now and already I feel and see the difference,my skin looks and feels softer and the intensive sunscreen does NOT leave a white cast,I now have the confidence to socialise without the fear of people staring at me thanks to ROSACURE, I will be purchasing their products again and the staff at SKINMED are very helpful,always there if I have any questions,Thankyou again SKINMED for changing my life."

Kevin in Bridlington

"I had problems with acne in my late teens and early twenties and now in my forties have very sensitive skin prone to redness. I have found Rosacure great at reducing this redness without causing any irritation. The service from skinmed has also been prompt and efficient"


"I have decided to write a testimonial, simply because the product has worked for me.
I have rosacea subtype 1 (erythematotelangiectatic). The skin on cheeks is sensitive, red and flushes from a number of triggers. I have tried many, many moisturisers which purport to target rosacea, but most of them irritate my sensitive skin. ROSACURE fast is the first product I have used which actually feels calming on my skin and helps minimise the flushing. I would love it if it came in a more emollient base as I have dry skin. Still, for now, I won't use any other moisturiser on my cheeks.


"I have suffered with Rosacea for over ten years and as a registered nurse for 21 years thought I had tried all the treatments which may relieve it. It was with some scepticism and out of desperation that I ordered some Rosacure after an Internet search for the condition.  There was very little change in the first few months but I persevered and after a about twelve weeks noticed some drying of the affected area. There was continued improvement over the next few weeks and I pleased to say a remarkable improvement. I still have Rosacea however I do not have the soreness, the pustules or breaking down of the skin I had prior to treatment. Because of the marked improvement I can now hide it completely with an ordinary 'redness' foundation and just look as if I have rosy skin. Not sure how or why this works but when I stopped using it (wanted to check it had not just improved on its own) my skin deteriorated greatly. I now use it regularly and would recommend, it may work for you too!" 

Alison Cox

"Having had what I can only describe as high colour seemingly most of my adult life I came across Skinmed’s range recently, I have been using it for the past 4 weeks and there is definitely an improvement in the redness & overall feel of my skin. The products themselves are lovely to use, the gel / face wash is very gentle and you follow this up with the Fast treatment, finishing off with Intensive cream which contains a factor 30 sunscreen. I have tried almost everything over the past years & are very hopeful I have finally found something that’s actually works."

Tim Gray

"Rosacure Fast is a great product for easily reddening skin.  It's one of the only moisturisers that I can safely use on my whole face without causing a skin reaction.
I have tried other brands but always go back to using Rosacure fast as it calms my easily reddening cheeks and nose without any stinging or irritation and it moisturises well too.
I also use it under make-up which works well as it is not oily or greasy."

Judith Wilson

"Having undergone treatment in order to reduce facial redness,the Rosacure-intensive has kept that redness suppressed. The ointment has also reduced the effect of the sun on my face, effectively, and allowed me to retain my youthful bloom at the age of 75!  Thus, I am satisfied with the product."


"I have used Synchrorose Fast cream for several years and find it to be very effective in preventing soreness and flushing from my rosacea.It has certainly healed some split veins on my face and stopped others from getting worse. If the rosacea is triggered, then Sensicure cream is excellent at settling my skin down again. Being able to control my rosacea is very important to me as it is both disfiguring and uncomfortable and I am very pleased to have discovered these helpful products."

Jenny Dixon

"I have been using the Synchrorose fast and intensive twice a day for about 6  weeks and my skin has certainly improved.
I have had Rosacea for many years and now my skin is definitely clearer and less red, so i fell delighted to have discovered your excellent products."

Yours Sincerely, Joan Instance

"I have found the Rosacure moisturiser cream helpful in dealing with intermittent rosacea. The problem has not cleared completely but is far less noticeable. I will buy again."

Linda, Bristol

"I had suffered with Rosacea for several years before finding Skinmed and the Rosacure range. About a year ago I started using the range and am so pleased with the results. I have even stopped using the antibiotics I had been taking to try and keep it under control. The products are all easy and pleasant to use and the service from Skinmed has been excellent. Thank you so much."


"Hi, have been using Rosacure for a couple of years now and couldn't live without it. It has changed my troubled skin. Not only  has the reddening stopped but also some of the thread veins appear smaller and less visible than before. I have been using the Rosacure fast gel in the evening and the intensive in the morning. It has made such a difference that no other cream on the market has. I thoroughly recommend this product if you suffer from skin that tends to redden in harsh weather conditions or you have rocescea. It really has worked."

A happy customer

"Since I started using Skin Meds products I've had no problems with my flaky skin.  I will not tempt fate by using any other! (Only wished I'd found out about it years ago, so I wouldn't have wasted so much money on all the products that have gone before!)"

Judy Brocklehurst of Stevenage Drive Macclesfield SK11 8LD (Using Rosacure along with Synchrovit Face Cream)

"I have been using Rosacure for Rosacea for well over 10 years now and am absolutely delighted with the product/s. The difference they have made to my skin and my self-confidence has been enormous. I have found the "intensive" moisturiser particularly good and there's not a day that goes by without my using it. I am so pleased that I saw the advert for the products all those years ago. I appreciate that it's a corny thing to say but Rosacure has changed my life. Thank you."

Kind regards, Anne

"Having used the products  for the last year.  I have seen  a marked improvement of my complexion. Very pleased with the results." 

With Thanks, L Homden

"I have now been using the Rosacure products for at least twelve months. I am very pleased indeed with the results.  It has succeeded in calming my rosacea which all the other well known products have not done. I am using the Cleansing Gel and the fast and intensive moisture creams. The moisture creams are easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft. I am very pleased indeed with the service which I receive.  My order is always accepted and dealt with efficiently and delivered promptly. Thank you for all your assistance."


"Dear Skinmed, I have been using Rosacure Intensive skin cream (SPF 30) for several years now to reduce the redness of my cheeks. It takes effect very quickly on application and has really improved my appearance. This is a very simple and effective way to solve the problem of reddened cheeks. Thank you, Skinmed."


"I have been ordering the Rosacure range of products from Skinmed for some time. I always find their customer service, delivery timescales and prices to be excellent. I use the Rosacure Fast and Intensive creams daily and have been genuinely amazed by how well they control my thread veins and protect my skin. I used to have regular laser treatment on my face to minimise the veins and redness. Since discovering Rosacure I now only need this very occasionally, which overall has saved me a lot of money."

Regards, Lorraine Hargraves

"I cannot praise  Rosacure highly enough. After wasting a great deal of time and money on products that do not work, it is such a relief to find quality products that fulfil their promise. I would recommend them to anyone with Rosacea or highly sensitive skin. Believe me there is nothing better out there."


"I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the products I ordered from yourself - within days I saw a vast improvement and soon started to feel more confident again - the itching and soreness has all but cleared - the redness I can put up with, but even this has started to improve."


"Hi, I placed my second order for the synchronous products today as I am really pleased with the results so far, I would recommend it!"


"Dear Skinmed,
I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much your your products have improved my Rosacea. I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago with Subtype 1, my skin started reacting to any creams I applied. I worked my way through most high street creams for Rosacea but they only irritated my sensitive skin even more. On the recommendation of my dermatologist I tried the Rosacure Fast and Intensive creams and it has changed my life. My persistent red cheeks have subsided to the point where most morning I could go out make up free and I have found that my flushing episodes are less often and less severe. It probably took a few weeks to get results but now about 6months on I haven't looked back and find I am much more relaxed about my skin. A bonus is that I also found the staff I spoke to very helpful. Thank you."

Emma, West London

"I started using Rosacure after seeing an advert for it in the Saturday Mail. I had noticed how pink my skin was looking in photos and having read an article about rosacea I realized I was a classic case ( Irish parents, very fair skin and hair). I went to Boots and was advised to try a green cream to counteract the colour- this didn't work and I was not offered any treatment. As my condition did not include spots I did not think it serious enough to consult a doctor. Once I started using your product I quickly noticed a big difference- my skin seemed paler and ever since then I have felt good about the colour. I do have some thread veins on my chin and nose but they are hardly noticeable- and a dusting of powder helps. I also used your special facial sun cream in very sunny conditions on holiday ( to Egypt) and had no problems at all. I will continue to use your lovely products and I hope other people with rosacea are helped as much as me."

Sincerely Gloria

My name is Caroline and I am a regular customer of yours. 
I have always had really good skin throughout my teens, twenties and thirties. However, I got to my late 30's and suddenly started getting a nasty rash on my cheeks. It eventually got worse and worse...with painful pustules and looked absolutely terrible. I visited the doctor and the chemist and luckily the girl at the chemist recommended I try your products. I bought the cleanser, toner and well as a fast acting gel. My skin cleared up totally in about 24 was a godsend...because my skin really looked dreadful and it was so upsetting...probably making it even worse! I have continued with the products for the last two years...however...I thought I might try a different brand to give my skin a I bought some products called Calmin...the cleanser and the moisturiser....oh dear...I was back to square one...and my skin was probably the worst it has ever been! So I very quickly returned to your products and now my skin is lovely again...completely free of reddening and rosacea... 
Rosacea really is a horrid thing to is actually painful and itchy and gets you down so much. 
I very rarely send emails about products but I thought it would be nice for you to know that your products are fantastic!

Kind Regards, C Sowry,

"Dear Cheryl
Thank you for my recent order. I am writing my own letter of recommendation for Rosacure products which I have been using ever since I was involved in its first trials in the very late 1990s having read an article, and being a member of a national acne organization. 
The results were remarkable after a very short period, and it changed my lifestyle, giving me extra confidence. 
Other products, with antibiotics had not been successful in the treatment of acne rosacea on my nose. The four main Rosacure products - Cleansing Milk, Tonic Lotion, Intensive Cream and original Mousse used twice a day had cleared all the signs/symptoms. Excellent product for me, and it's the only one I use that has proven very successful. I'm also using the new Rosacure products; Remover and Fluid Powder. 
Well done Rosacure! Highly recommended having tried many other products. Thank you to SkinMed Ltd for its service. 
I hope this letter is ok for your website, as Rosacure is an excellent product, and I appreciate your kind service and informative website." 

Yours sincerely Mr Lully, Coventry

"Whilst on holiday in Australia my Rosacea worsened dramatically. I sought the advice of a pharmacist who recommended your products. Within days the improvement was dramatic. Can you imagine my surprise on my return to the UK, when I discovered that these products were on sale in the UK. I use all the four products twice a day and I am so pleased with the results. When your husband notices - then it must be good!!! Thank you for a wonderful range of skin products. I have just placed an order for the tonic and Intensive Cream. In twelve months I have used two tubes of Intensive Cream, two tubes of Preventive Cream, on my second bottle of lotion and nearly finished my second bottle of tonic."
Mrs Bennett, Nr Rotherham

"Please be advised that I have been using the 4 Rosacure products as recommended by your website. I have seen a huge improvement especially with regards to the redness of my nose and the puss that used to come out of the large pores.
I feel much more confident now and would like to say a big thank you. It only takes minutes to apply the 4 products but the results are massive.
Many thanks, I shall reorder shortly."

David Robinson

"I have extremely sensitive skin, which reddens very easily. I have tried many different products to calm the skin and have found the Rosacure Fast to be the best. The cream doesn't flare the skin because the texture is easier to apply than many other creams, but still very moisturizing"

M. Pritchard, Leicester

"I am writing to say how pleased I have been with the Rosacure products. I was incredibly unhappy when I found out I had Rosacea which was causing my skin to be sore and inflamed, the redness and pustules on my cheeks really made me lose confidence. 
I was recommended Rosacure products from a private skin doctor I had to pay to see, as assistance from my GP in combating this problem was not forthcoming. I use most of the Rosacure products and found them to be excellent not only in toning down the redness but also helping with those fine lines!! I would definitely recommend these products."

S Munro, Essex

"Dear SkinMed,
Had to write and tell you how pleased I am with the 'Sunwards' products. I have always burnt and am very wary about sun bathing but having used Sunwards for two weeks - no burning and a good tan.
I suffer from Rosacea, so this is a really good breakthrough."
Yours, B Caple, Leicestershire

"Dear Sir
I am writing to let you know how thrilled I am with the Rosacure products I have been using since June.
I have suffered with Rosacea for the last 16 years and it has made such a difference to how I feel about myself. The condition made me feel very depressed at times, even though I had a very mild form.
I hope it continues throughout the Winter because I find that time of year and also the Spring to be a difficult time for the condition.
Once again many thanks."
Mrs J Flack, Oswestry

"Dear Sir/Madam
I'm writing to thank you for supplying me with such a fantastic product.
For the past eight years I have suffered from extremely red skin around my cheek and forehead area. Sometimes it's been so bad I've been unable to go to work or even face family and friends.
Over the years I've tried many creams, potions and lotions with little or no effect. When your product was recommended to me I thought "I'll give it a try, but it's probably going to be a waste of time". How wrong was I. Since using your Rosacure four product system, my skin is now totally under control with no red areas on my face at all. Everybody has commented on how good my skin looks and I have regained all of my self confidence.
This is an excellent product that I would recommend to anybody that has been in my position.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Mr Burns, Manchester

"Dear SkinMed
I thought I would let you know how pleased I am with your product Rosacure. Last year, with my 40th birthday approaching, I decided that I didn't have an issue with hitting the big four O, but I did want to be feeling good about myself. My main problem, other than a pound or two here or there was my red, blotchy, sometimes spotty face. Then, just as I was wondering which way to turn, I spotted your advert in a magazine at the dentists and decided that I would give it a try.
I am now a very satisfied customer and about to place my 3rd order. The results from using the cleansing system have been amazing, and I would encourage anyone thinking about giving this product a try to go for it - I certainly have not been disappointed." 

D. Costello

"Dear Sir/Madam
I have suffered from Rosacea for many years. Despite trying many products and brands, my facial skin always remained very dry and red, causing me to be very self conscious of my appearance and lacking confidence in companies. It eventually caused me to use camouflage make-up and antibiotics from my GP.
Having read your advertisement in a national newspaper for the treatment of Rosacea - it being the Rosacure system four product regime, I decided to order and try it and have been doing so for two years.
The treatment started to work four weeks after commencing and after six months completely cured the dry skin and has given me an 80% reduction in the redness on my cheeks and nose. I no longer use camouflage make-up or take antibiotics and feel completely confident in my appearance and self esteem.
I will continue to use the Rosacure system twice daily and would recommend any other sufferers to use it.
Many thanks for your wonderful products, I am one happy lady"

Mrs Sheppard, Northampton

"Thank you for your call last week, I am very happy to say that the cleansing routine using Rosacure has been very successful, it has reduced the reddening on the nose area which was the worse affected, I do not get the small pustules or the angry redness anymore, unless I drink wine!
I have changed my lifestyle to compensate, but have found alternatives so it's no great loss. I have given up hot drinks altogether and do have to wait until my food has cooled a little before eating. The main annoyance is the change in temperatures in the office, car or home which is the trigger now, a red hotness on the nose can be caused by just feeling hotter than normal, so I drink a lot of water to cool me down which helps. 
So I really wanted to say thank you, a great product which has helped enormously! Its not very nice when people think you have a red nose because they believe you have drunk a bottle of wine before mid-day, I'll continue to cleanse, tone and moisturizer twice a day, and shall be ordering more in a couple of months time when supplies are running low. 
Many thanks for a boost in my self confidence." 

M Collie, Cornwall

"Dear Sir or Madam
I would like to say how pleased I am with the results of the Rosacure products I've been using. Having used the Fast Cream Gel and the Preventive Cream for a number of months and although I occasionally have an outbreak of Rosacea usually due to something I've eaten, the condition of my skin is considerably improved. 
The extreme redness and sore painful feeling on my cheeks has disappeared after years of suffering and the only symptom I seem to occasionally get are the red spots associated with Rosacea. 
The Preventive Cream is a very pleasant moisturiser to use as it absorbs very quickly and isn't at all greasy, it's a wonderful base for make-up. I'm so pleased that I was lucky enough to find out about Rosacure products and would highly recommend them to Rosacea sufferers.
With perseverance, as it's not an overnight miracle but a gradual improvement, the condition of my skin in comparison to twelve months ago has improved greatly and I would like to express my gratitude."

Mrs H Pamuk, Cardiff

"Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to say how pleased I am with the Rosacure products you sent me. I have used the Cleansing Milk and Tonic Lotion plus the FAST Preventive Creams for 3 months now, and I can see a definite improvement in my Rosacea.
I'm going on holiday soon and will definitely order the Sunwards products"

B Caple, Leics

"Dear Sirs, 
I have been using the four Rosacure products, which I have bought through you for about a year now. I have used the products as recommended (twice a day for about 6-9 months) and now use them in the morning only as there has been significant improvement with the redness on my cheeks.
I was getting quite perturbed with my facial redness but since I have used your products I have been a lot happier with my appearance. 
I shall continue to use the Rosacure products to maintain the control of the redness, and thank your telephone staff for their helpful comments on the phone."

Mrs Key, Lincolnshire

"I am so pleased that I found you and your great cream. 
My face has improved so much and now, I don't even wear make upany more as I don't need to. People have said how lovely my skin is, I am 42 and people who have known me for a while wanted to know my secret. I am so happy as my skin feels like it belongs to me and not like a small red mask. I am so pleased with the price as you don't need much it lasts for about 3-4 months, its very good value. As I have used all my cream up I would like to order more. 
Thank you again. Please send me the pack containing all Four Rosacure Products."

Ms Hewett, Shropshire

"Dear all
This is a quick e-mail to let you know that I am very satisfied with the Rosacure skincare products. They have made such a difference by reducing the redness on my face and also improving my skin texture.
I will recommend your products to my friends/family if required."

Yours, Mrs Coles, Cheshire

"I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the Rosacure system for acne rosacea. As fellow sufferers know facial skin redness can be a very embarrassing condition. After three weeks of using this product there was a distinct improvement in my skin, even others were beginning to notice the difference. It is one product I have recommended to like sufferers. I know how well it works for me."

Yours sincerely, A delighted customer

"I would like to say that I have been using the Rosacure range of products for nearly six months now and I am delighted with the results. I was really desperate when I tried Rosacure, friends kept asking me why my skin was so red. In the past I have spent a fortune on trying to find products that will help my rosacea but now I have found Rosacure I need look no further. The cleanser and toner are so nice to use. I recently went to buy some foundation and was commented on how good my skin looked so I was really pleased, the consultant didn't know I had rosacea. It is not a quick fix solution but improvements were noticed within a couple of weeks. I have slipped back and tried to use up some older cleansing products but have thrown them all away now as Rosacure is all I need. I can't wait to try the sunwards range this summer."

A Lilley, York

"I suffer from Rosacea and in the past have spent a fortune at all the well known cosmetic counters trying to find a skin care product that would help to ease the soreness and redness which was gradually getting worse. About three years ago I noticed an advert in the newspaper for Rosacure and since using Rosacure Intensive and Preventive Creams, my skin has dramatically improved and the redness and soreness has practically disappeared. It has given me a lot more confidence and I don't have to pile on the foundation to try and cover up the redness.
I have also recommended the products to a couple of colleagues at work who suffer from the same complaint."

Isabelle McCafferty

"I am a Rosacea sufferer and have been for 25 years, I am now 57 years old. I have used all kind of creams in hope that my skin would improve. I must have spent hundreds of pounds over the years on expensive cosmetics hoping for a cure for this very distressing condition. I have also taken medical advice from skin consultants who prescribe gels and antibiotics. I have taken so many antibiotics they think they are the cause of my high liver count. I don't drink or smoke and do eat very healthy.
Since using Rosacure for a month, I have found my skin has improved I still have a lot of red spots under my skin, but the texture of my skin has improved and looks better when I apply make up. I shall continue to use Rosacure and hope for further improvement."

Mrs P Ashcroft, Preston

"Dear Sir/Madam
In June 2005 I started to use the 4 Rosacure products and I'm pleased to report that since then I have noticed that the reddening of facial skin has now gone altogether and now all that remains are some occasional outbreaks (small) of spots.
As I work in the public eye this has made a big difference to my self-esteem and confidence.
I had suffered from this skin condition, brought about by stress for 5½ years, there were patched of dry flaky skin too, which I covered with foundation though this did not camouflage completely, with this and the acne I felt quite miserable. People have started commenting on how good my skin looks, how much better I look and that my skin has a glow.
The difference in my skin occurred quite quickly, as I recall within a month things had changed around, which in view of having the condition for 5½ years I consider quite dramatic.
In addition to this I saw a nutritionist who put me on various supplements; she explained that the digestive system plays a significant part in Acne & Rosacea. I started the supplements in July and feel they really helped to relieve the acne in particular. In all I feel that Acne and Rosacea can be cured and thank you for playing such a significant part in my recovery"

Pauline, Gloucestershire

"Dear Sirs
Having suffered with red thread veins on my nose and cheeks for several years, I have tried various treatments with no avail and have to rely on heavy make up. 
After seeing your advert I ordered one tube of Rosacure Fast Cream fully expecting another failure. I am however, delighted to say that after using it twice a day, and still having some left, I have seen a marked improvement. The redness has decreased and so have the thread veins.
I now use a lighter base make up and my confidence is returning. I will continue to use your products."

Mrs Brenda Bolton, Lancashire

"Dear Pharmacy Partnership
I have been ordering Rosacure for the last few months and I wanted to let you know just how fantastic the product is.
My facial redness has all but disappeared together with the lumps and pustules. My skin is beautifully soft and I can go out without make up without feeling self conscious. No more flaking and peeling - in fact, unless I mention it, no one would know that I suffered from Rosacea!
Rosacure Preventive makes an excellent base for make up and more importantly, my make up stays put all day long.
I have finally found a product that helps my Rosacea, and is great value for money - the big bottles last for ages. I just wish I had discovered the range years ago.
Thank you Pharmacy Partnership for your advice and speedy deliveries."

Liz Barnard, West Sussex

"I just wanted to write a testimonial for Rosacure. I've been using the system for almost a year now after seeing an advert in a women's magazine. Although I can't use the final step in the four-product system (the Preventive Cream) because it has an SPF that I react to, the system (Cleanser, Tonic Lotion & Intensive Cream) has worked wonders on my skin. Everyone commented on how good my skin looked just a week after using the system and they still comment now.
My skin is no longer irritated, it's less red and doesn't itch as much. It's no longer irritated as much by hot or cold weather and just feels soft and fantastic.
Thanks very much!"

S Gould, London

Today's telephone call from you came at just the right time. I wanted to place an order and tell you about comments that have been made to me about my skin.
I was talking to a beauty therapist, she asked me which cosmetics I use because, she said, my skin is in excellent condition.
I developed Rosacea a few years ago. The only thing I use on my face is Rosacure Preventive and Rosacure Intensive. I have been using these two products for nearly three years.
When my condition was first diagnosed I was prescribed Roaccutane capsules, I read a few articles about this drug on the internet and decided to flush them down the toilet. Then I saw your advertisement in the You Magazine. Rosacure has been my only treatment for Rosacea and appears to control the condition.
It is the only beauty routine I follow and apparently works.
Thank you"

B Devonald, Chester

"Dear Sir or Madam
I started using Rosacure Fast at the beginning of September and have just ordered my second tube.
I couldn't be happier with the results I've had, I've noticed a very definite improvement in the redness of my skin. 
As a result of this, I've got my confidence back, so thank you!" 

C. Wildon

"Dear Sir/Madam
I have suffered from persistent facial flushing for many years and so decided to give the Rosacure Fast Cream a go when I saw it advertised in a magazine.
I have been very pleased with the results, my face used to go bright red and burn profusely and I am pleased to say that this has stopped completely since I started using your product back in March.
I am so pleased to have found a solution to my problem with your wonderful Rosacure Cream.
Thank you so much"

C.Courtaux, Newton Abbott

"Dear Sir
I would just like to write and let you know how wonderful your Rosacure Intensive Cream and Preventive Cream are.
I have suffered with reddening of the face for such a long time and all other creams I tried failed, and my confidence failed with it. After using both your creams now for over a year, I can honestly say my face is better, my confidence is better and my outlook on life is improving all the time.
Thank you"

Mr M H Shapiro, Ilford, Essex

"I have been using Rosacure Intensive and Preventive Cream for the past 12 months, not only can I see how great my skin looks, but friends have also noticed the improvements and condition of my complexion. I didn't think that you could improve on this product, so you can imagine how thrilled and amazed I was with the results after using the new Fast Cream.
I am no longer embarrassed about my looks, thank you."

Mrs J Burke, West Midlands.

"Dear Pharmacy Partnership
I work outside and it's caused me to have reddening skin so when I saw your advert in the Daily Mail, I decided to order the pack of four Rosacure products. After using the creams for a few months, I was very pleased with the results.
It was well worth ordering your products."

Mrs M A Hodkinson, Lancashire

"Prior to placing my fourth order I wanted to write to you to let you know how pleased I am with the results from using the Rosacure products. Having exhausted just about every other brand on the market, and being disappointed when my Rosacea didn't improve, (and in some cases got worse!), I have at last found something that delivers. My red cheeks are definitely less and less red and the horrible accompanying pustules are looking like a thing of the past. To anyone with sensitive, Rosacea- prone skin, I would definitely recommend they try Rosacure, especially the Intensive Cream which gives results pretty much right away. I am looking forward to trying Rosacure Fast, it's great that you are committed to answering the needs of your customers.
Many thanks to you all!" 

Irene Pattison, Belfast.

"Dear Sirs
I felt I had to write to express my satisfaction with, and thanks for, your Rosacure range of products. 
My Downs Syndrome daughter had developed an increasing unpleasant and persistent facial rash during the last 4-5 years. This was eventually diagnosed as Rosacea. Various anti-biotic and steroid treatments were prescribed from time to time but all gave very limited,short term relief. My daughter has always taken pride in her appearance and found this skin condition embarrassing and depressing. 
In May 2004 I read an advertisement for Rosacure in Good Housekeeping magazine and sent for the whole range of 4 products. Within a very short time of using them we saw an improvement and her skin quickly became and remained totally clear. Interestingly, about 4 months ago, the staff at the care home where my daughter lives decided that, as they thought the products expensive, they would substitute cheaper products which appeared to be similar in composition for 1 or 2 items in the Rosacure range. Within a week the Rosacea rash re-appeared. Once they re-instated the use of all four Rosacure products her skin cleared and has remained clear ever since. 
She is delighted to have found something that has solved her problem and so am I, Many thanks"

Joan Carroll, Surrey

"Dear Sirs
I have been using Rosacure Intensive, Preventive, Cleansing Milk and HYDRATIME Tonic Lotion for several months and am pleased with the results. It has helped give me back my confidence as the ROSACEA has almost gone and my skin has improved - pale and interesting! I do not want to be a rosy cheeked old lady! 
When I phone in my order I speak to advisors who are kind, courteous and knowledgeable and I appreciate this.
I just wanted the company to know how pleased I am to have discovered SkinMed." 

Yours Pat Hornby, Solihull

"I have just ordered yet more of the wonderful Rosacure products, and I am so delighted that I have finally found a solution to my skin problems. 
Having suffered from acne since I was 16 years old and now that I am forty 'sum thing' I have been diagnosed as having acne rosacea, not only that but also ridiculously sensitive skin. Over the years I have tried just about every cream and cleanser on the market, from the dearest to the cheapest, and suffered dreadful reactions to nearly all of them. 
Last year- early summer 2004, I was treated once again by my GP with tablets to clear my skin, but unfortunately (I went into drug induced anaphylactic shock. At a loss what to do with me she sent me to a dermatologist. Whilst waiting for my appointment, I was in despair, and at my wits end with what to do next to help my skin. Then I saw the advert for Rosacure in Good Housekeeping Magazine and thought I'd give it a try. 
I bought a full set, but was concerned if I would react to the SPF in the Preventive Cream; but to my absolute amazement! I have suffered no reactions to any of the products. My skin has settled down and I have had no flare-ups. The redness over my cheeks has disappeared, and my face feels so soft and moisturized- not the spotty, dry and flaky red mess that I was!. 
I'm truly amazed at the results, and will certainly continue to use Rosacure, and would be more than happy to recommend it to anyone with the same problems."

S.Chadwick, Harrogate

"I have been using Rosacure products for almost a year. I responded to information in 'Good Housekeeping' more from desperation than anything else. I was suffering from severe flushing episodes, two growing areas of thread veins, dryness and to add insult to injury, small yellow headed pimples! Rising 60 years old, as a redhead, I had always taken care to use good quality products and they served me well to that point. My first conversation with Pharmacy Partnership turned into something of a counseling session, helpful advice was offered and I felt a genuine interest in my problem. I ordered the full range. I have now just made my 4th order; my skin is calm, clear, far less dry and has regained much of the uniform paler complexion which is my natural colouring. I appreciate the courtesy, efficiency and care from your staff and will certainly continue to use the products."

I Short, Halton, Bucks

"I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your product. I have been using the Rosacure products Intensive and Preventive to combat rosacea for about 6 months now. I had been finding it extremely difficult to find a product that didn't irritate my skin as it is extremely sensitive to all the usual rosacea triggers particularly extreme weather and alcohol on the skin in creams. This cream has really made a difference as I was always having to battle with spots breaking out and now none!!! I am just so pleased I saw your article or else I would never have known about this amazing product. Thank you so much. I wish you every success with liberating others with this problem."

Lyn Ellwood, Cheshire

"I have been using Rosacure Intensive and Preventive for months now and find I cannot live without it. It has made a huge difference to my life. As one ages, rosacea, spots and redness are a terrible embarrassment and I am so glad I saw your advertisement in the paper. I thought you would like to know how successful your products are."

Anne Cole, Edinburgh