Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel (200ML)

Disclaimer: Results may vary from user to user*

Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel an innovative concept in cleansing as it performs a specific elasticizing and toning effect as it removes impurities with a deep-down yet delicate cleansing action.

Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel is perfect for cleansing in the field of cosmetic dermatology as well as plastic and cosmetic surgery and properly prepares the skin for the use of Terproline® Face and Body Creams.

Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel cleanses as well as maintaining the biomechanical properties of the skin while performing are the markable soothing effect on the skin. Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel can be rinsed off or removed with a cotton ball.

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Just want to say I love the products from skinmed and the service is very good as well

Sarah D*

I've been using Terproline face cream as a night cream for several years. I don't use as a day cream as find it a little heavy. I have used after facial treatments to aid recovery and have been very pleased with results. The acne scars I had concerns about have faded. I love this cream and I definitely believe it has aided in the great improvement to my skin.


I have been using this product for over year now for my face. It feels luxurious when applied on the skin. It leaves my skin comfortable and nourished. My face feels looks radiant in the morning. I love this product!

Sikien Van Cao*

I have been using both Terproline Professional Cream and Terproline Contour Eyes & Lips for several years. I can honestly say that no other products come close to the effectiveness of these. I had tried many of the "so-called" leading brands on the market prior to discovering this amazing range but will not use anything else now. The Professional Cream is suitable for any skin type and instantly rehydrates your skin after a day in the sun. These products are a hit with most of my family; even the male members. Would highly recommend. Thank you for such great lotions and potions!

Best wishes, L Williams*

Just to let you know, that as a user of Terproline I have found that this treatment is by far the best of 'many' lotions/creams that I have tried on a facial surgical scar that I have which runs along my mandible bone. The redness has been reduced considerably, the scar tissue has softened and the scar is now of a more flatter appearance. It was just through a simple web search that I came across your site which of course has paid great dividends - Thanks!

Stephen Wilson, Belfast*

I just want to thank you for advising me to try Terproline Body Cream on a very distressing problem I had. In February this year, I was unfortunate to contract Shingles, for some reason purple spots appeared on both arms, some as big as a five pence piece and many more on my right arm. I saw three doctors (one a skin consultant) not one of them could help me, I just had to keep them covered and was very distressed about it. I saw your advert in the paper and after a chat with the operator she advised me to try Terproline Body Cream. In just three weeks one arm is completely clear and my right arm is vastly improved, I know this arm will be clear in a short time. Many thanks for your advice, I shall continue to use the product at all times.Yours sincerely

Mrs V Jones, Fife*

I feel I must write and tell you what a difference your Terproline Body Cream, has made to my life. They are excellent, I have tried all kinds of creams for my skin, without success, I haven't used anything with antibiotics since using your products. I really didn't believe it would make a difference, but I have been proved wrong. I would just like to say thank you.

Arline Purdie, Flintshire*

I have been using SkinMed products for the last fifteen years and the results are excellent, the products that I purchase from SkinMed are: Fillast serum face and lips, contour eye and lips, Terproline face, EGF also Terproline cleansing gel. I would not contemplate purchasing any other products.

Gaynor Williams*
Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel


What is Terproline For?

Terproline research began in burns units for treating burn scars. It proved very successful in changing the post-burn skin which was raised and tight into much more elastic normal skin. It was then tested post laser resurfacing in laser facelifts with high success. It then was tested in improving the treatment of stretch marks again with great success. Now the current version incorporates epidermal growth factors which boost its activity even more. It is widely used for healing damaged skin post medical and aesthetic treatments where the skin has been challenged. In all cases, it speeds up the healing time by getting rid of damaged skin and old skin fibers faster than normal unassisted healing would do and it increases the production of new skin fibres and tissue, so speeds up skin turnover so new skin replaces old skin and the skin produced has a more elastic youthful structure.So this is why it is also used as an anti-aging or age reducing formula with great success

What is the real innovation of Terproline® products?

Terproline utilises proline which is a key building block for making collagen fibres. It also utilises fibronectinic glycopeptides which are key ingredients for making elastin. By also utilises fibroblast stimulators to activate the cells that make these fibres and combining this with epidermal growth factors to increase the number of fibroblast cells, one can understand how a more fibre rich skin can be created, so gaps caused by ageing, free radical damage and sun damage can be replenished and filled in and old damaged stuck together fibres can be broken down and removed and replaced by new fibres.Using Terproline makes your skin firmer, more elastic and able to recover from damage and fight ageing more effectively

Can I use Terproline while pregnant and breastfeeding?

We have no data to support usage or not, and so it is not recommended.

From what age can I use Terproline?

We have studies where usage has been from 12 years old. We have no data on any younger ages

Who is Terproline designed for? (e.g. males, females, teenagers,)

Terproline is designed post injury for healing; pre surgery (speeds up healing and also makes for smaller operation scars, post burns, anti-ageing, and post skin challenging treatments like lasers, radiofrequency and chemical peels.

How long will the products last?

In average we get repeat purchases every 8 weeks

Will Terproline work?

We have clinical studies from Germany in burns units, and in laser centres and also post liposuction and in many other instances where we have proven clinical success. We also have testimonials. The product has successfully sold for decades with improvements to the formula it will be here for many decades more. It is food for skin

Does Terproline contain Parabens?

No parabens of any sort are used as a preservative in Terproline or any of the company’s products

Some customers may feel that Terproline® is expensive, What do you say about that?

It cost for a three product set less than a can of coke or half a pint a day (less than a 1.00). It is cheaper than a product that does not work.


Terproline® Gentle Cleansing Gel: for cleansing the face and neck and for make-up removal, apply the appropriate amount of product and remove any excess with a cotton pad or, if necessary, rinse with water. For body cleansing, use it the same way as liquid soap/shower gel.